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No Job is too big or too small for Yoo-hoo Moving & Relocation . We can arrange the DTD transportation and storage of motor vehicles. Our staff and our service partners are well versed in the requirements of vehicle transportation and can deliver a timely professinal service . We are concerned about every car , from a valued classic to the family wagon.


Who is eligible to import auto ?


According to General Administration of Custom’s document No, 116, long-term staff can import the vehicle, limited to one to per person.


According to General Administration of Custom’s document No, 154, expert can import the vehicle too, limited to one to per person.


Long-term staff include foreigner, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan who is long-term working in china.

Professional include the excellent studied- abroad student who will return home and the foreign technology experts. And professional must have the high-level talent certificate which issued by government.


We need to know Type of the Vehicle for Import before we prepare the quotation.


Example :


Nationality: Finnish 

Name: Antti Tapani Vaahto

Car’s brand: Jaguar

Car’s model: XJ XJ8 4D SEDAN

Export: New York

New/Used: Used

Car prices: USD8299

Customs identified the price of the car at china: USD12856


Documentation require the following documents once uplift the shipment

1)     Passport

2)     Residence Permit

3)     Work Permit

4)     Business License

5)     Company Approval certificate

6)     Company Code Certificate

7)     Ten Digit Number

8)     Company Customs Register Book


The duty will be based on 74% to 83% of the customs asses and value.