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Our mission is to provide the best transit insurance coverage and claim processing available on the market today while giving outstanding service to each and every customer . We pledge to maintain permanent and personal relationship with our customers by understanding their needs and setting claims in an appropriate manner that will be to the satisfaction of all parties involved . We are also dedicated to our industry by constantly evaluating our performance so that in the end we are viewed through the eyes of our customers as the best value and quality available in today’s market .


The insurance certificate that is issued to our clients is, we believe, the best available on the market. The information required is minimal and the wording is in easy to understand terms. We have tried to eliminate many of the legal and insurance language common to most policies so the shipper has a better understanding of the terms and conditions of the contract. The valued inventories have also been revised and we feel they are the most comprehensive documents available for the moving industry.

  Declaration of value forms may be used to assist in arriving at a replacement value for your household goods shipment.  To obtain a printable copy, please click on the link below.  When the form has been completed, please forward a copy to Yoo-Hoo Moving so we can issue the insurance on your behalf.  


Click here for a regular or large household goods value form


Click here for a small household goods value form